Sports:                                       Tennis, fitness, skiing and snowboarding.
Classics:                                   Philosophy, literary reading books and watching movies.
Producing:                                Texts / writing stories, music / guitar playing.
Presenting:                               Workshops, debating and acting.
Courses:                                   Politics, History, Philosophy and Economics.
Tamar Bastiaan
Since 2005 he is active as a writer, musician, and he gave several performances and workshops for various commercial and cultural institutions.
Since 2005 he stood in various programs of pop and rap artists at
various venues & festivals, such as the great liberation in Zwolle.
Also he won two Kamper Popbelang Awards 2007/2008 and various awards at the Art Gang, Harvest Overijssel and High School Music Competition.

The jury 2008 (e.g. Typhoon) called him:
"A professional performer with a powerful presence and heartfelt lyrics!"
He is the new generation of rappers who do not swear need to write texts. After careful consideration, he chose the stage name Turboglad. This name means in Latin "In puzzling warrior" For who is confused thinking at least after!
In the spring of 2006 he presented with his beatmaker Vincent Kars the TV program "Villa Achterwerk"
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