Tamar Bastiaan
October 2011 Launch of new "anti-bullying projects" icm hiphop
Tamar Bastiaan the past five years, verschillende workshop "Hiphop & Bullying:" to various schools. The cooperation project "Live My Style" from Article 1 and Turboglad formed the base. During the workshops, the students on the basis of the materials (video clips and course materials) Actively participate by experiencing what it is like to be bullied and what you can do.
October 2009 Education Education Pack BO - VO "Mijn Leefstyle"
Bullied and threatened, but dare go your own way. Tamar Bastiaan (15), aka rapper Turboglad, tells his story in the song 'Live Style'.
"I'm ready to talk. Therefore I have in mind, that it leads to nothing.
Precisely talked earlier than a specified act. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think they made more of it than it really is. "

The rapsong and the accompanying video are central to the curriculum 'Live My Style', that students get acquainted with the concepts of perception, prejudice and group formation. On 21 October handing Turboglad and Art.1 the first copy to the school Petra in 't Harde.
January 2010 Video Project in the subject Philosophy Almere College
Tamar Bastiaan has taught philosophy for the same video clip "Philosophy" included. (2010)
The title comes from the album "100% FiftyFifty" Turboglad & DaVincie. (Text: Turbo Smooth Music: Vincent Kars)
The direction was done by Jasper Kars and Tamar Bastian. Editing Jelle Tigchelaar. Thanks to the Almere College and my vrienden.
Speciaal dedicated to my former biology teacher Robert Buursen (Obituary) with whom I've had pretty philosophical conversations!
March 2010 Rap and animation clip for "Cash youth project"
Tamar Bastiaan and Princess Maxima are approached by CentiQ (pointer in money matters) to the national launch of a money project for young people to care. In general, many young people spend their hard-earned money on drink and mobiles. CentiQ wants young people to be aware of it. Turboglad has this rap and video animation clip "Cash Flow" made??. Together with Siroc they together with the appearances Opposites cared for around 250 pupils. TMF, NOS, Heart of the Netherlands and various other media were present.
November 2009 Videoclip for Kinderrechtentop UNICEF and Kidzwise special request for Kidzwise organization Turboglad wrote the song Child Soldiers. On 20 November 2009 he joined with Anne Appelo and the video clip in the Highland church in Leiden. During this day, Queen Beatrix was also present and Turboglad on her new album, "100% FiftyFifty" hand. I close my eyes and I try to imagine what a world it is to become a child soldier. And then suddenly I open them and see .........
Workshop "My  Lifestyle" (2007 - 2013)
Cash Project with Prinses Maxima (2010)
Video Schoolproject Philosophy (2010)
My meeting with the Queen Beatrix (2009)
Workshop "My  Lifestyle" (2007 - 2013)
Besides his political aspirations, law and debating Tamar added three CD albums to his name. 
His first album he released in 2007 on the market. as an album in which social issues such as racism, discrimination and bullying are central. He writes about the search for self and about the problems in society.
The song "Living Style" was the basis for the anti-bullying project "Live My Style" in conjunction with Article 1 from Rotterdam.
The album was released with 15 tracks in-house and under the stage name Turboglad.
My CD Albums (2007 - 2013)
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