"One man, one love, one life to be who you are. Displaying 1!" Exactly at nine o'clock, the video 'Article 1' of the Nuclear Family started in the hall of youth center 't Ukien in Kampen. It's just the warm-up for the release party of Turbo Smooth aka Tamar Bastiaan. He presents his new CD tonight 'Live My Style'.

The hall flows slowly filled with a very diverse audience. There are especially many young people who are very different in appearance and dress. And that's just tonight: Turboglad can not be pigeonholed pushing and know this diverse groups to achieve:

You're The black because you 'Kani' wears.
You're The white because you 'Lonsdale' pleases.
Nothing true.
I wear or 'Kani', but I chop like a butcher,

He raps in the song "The Gladiator".

When the show starts at half past nine, the temperature in the room properly. Tamar knows the audience to touch with his enthusiastic performance and catchy lyrics:

Frustrations of imitations or wrong situations at wrong locations.
By not get people integrations of immigrations,
the discrimination of those so-called Nazis.
(From "Live My Style '.)

The social commitment of Turboglad speaks from his texts. He is against discrimination and let it know also. Precisely because he also has the necessary experience with prejudice, bullying and exclusion can he very angry. But this anger is transformed into positive energy, and Turbo Smooth gets the audience effortlessly.

By ten o'clock it's time for a short speech of Hubert Fermina, the director of Art.1. Fermina admits he hesitated about the clothes he would wear tonight. What are the right shoes? Or not Lonsdale-shirt? "But tonight, it is all in order that you may be as you are. And so I come as myself."

Fermina receives from the hands of Turbo Smooth proceeds from the ticket sales of this evening. Additionally Announces Turbo Smooth out that in the break another auction of autographed products, including autographed T-Shirts Insane Clown Posse and Blabla and an autographed cap by Ali B. The proceeds from this auction goes to Art.1.

Fermina announces that the money is used for a lesson on discrimination for students in grade 8 of primary education. In this tutorial, the video "Live My Style" Turboglad used to talk to students about bullying and exclusion and what you can do to yourself.

The party in 't Ukien goes deep into the night.
Tamar Bastiaan
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